Now's About the Time

The weather is cooling down (high 60s! yay LA!) and the days are getting darker earlier which makes me want to stay in, shuffle around in some warm socks and hide when there's a knock at the door. Also, now's about the time that I want to bake every weekend. I don't fancy myself a baker, although this Summer's breadventure (more on that later) might suggest otherwise.  I'm the only one in the house that enjoys a little cake with my coffee - obviously I live with people that don't know how to live.  

Here are a few things that make me really happy for fall: 

Planning a fall dinner party

image via One Kings Lane

Will I do it this season? With our house almost done, I sure hope so.  Our backyard is a dried up version of it's former glory, but we do have an awesome water fountain gifted to us by some dear friends. I'm thinking a robust cheese platter, a nice green salad with roasted squash, pomegranate seeds and pepitas, a seafood and a vegetarian paella (how hard is a paella really?), free flowing wine and a decadent olive oil cake and espresso for dessert.  

Hot Cocoa!

Perfect Hot Chocolate from Food52 

As a kid, when I wanted to partake in coffee with my parents - but they told me it stunted my growth. Not wanting me to feel left out of the hot beverage party, my dad would make me homemade hot cocoa, with milk, sugar, cocoa powder and Laura Scudders natural peanut butter - on the stovetop! Hot Chocolate is sort of a luxury for me, but makes me feel very cared for.

Dark Lipstick and Dark Hair

image via Garance Dore

This image says it all. I want to walk around the office with that look on my face.

Homemade Pie!

image by me

This was the pie I made at the Smoke Signals workshop back in August - crafted with the town's first harvest of apples. The whole process of making (and eating the pie) was wonderful. Can't wait to get back at it again (hurry up countertops so we can finish the kitchen already!). 

Happy Fall everyone! And don't forget to charge those crystals under the full moon <3