I <3 Big Sur

I have fantasies about Big Sur

A trip back is long overdue. The last time I visited was February of 2007.  It was a trip with my darling Nicky. We drove up in our little car and carved through the dark and tiny roads until we reached our destination: a small cabin situated next to a brook that morphed into a small river while we were there.

We didn't do much walking or hiking because of the weather.  But with no television, internet or cell service, we spent a lot of time drawing and listening to music. We have some really funny portraits and hand drawings. It was actually a really beautiful bonding weekend.

We did venture out to eat a few times. Big Sur Bakery is still one of my all time favorite places.  They have the most beautiful pastries and selections of tea. Just the atmosphere and the locals make me want to imagine my life simpler.  Another night we braved the torrential downpour to have dinner at Nepenthe Inn. Apparently the views are breathtaking on clear day, but the banana cream pie and warm fire place more than made up for what we couldn't see out the window.