Inspiration Du Jour: still thinking about that getaway house.

We have land in Ramona (just east of Escondido/San Diego). Not much around it, save for a bunch of small farms and custom homes. Nothing too grand.

It's a nice little drive from town and just about two hours from where we live.  This land has belonged to my family since I was a kid, and it just sits there. I think it would be the perfect location for a weekend house, but it might be difficult to convince everyone else of the idea.

But it's nice to dream. I really wouldn't need much...

Lots of windows for natural light.

A few bedrooms with very minimal furniture (I'm thinking all white walls and white fluffy down comforters). 

Thick and colorful Mexican blankets. 

Thrift shop mid-century ish furniture. 

An Eames recliner. 

A simple kitchen.

A small pool and hot tub. 

Is that too much for a simple house in the country?