Inspiring Foods du Jour!

I'm always hungry. Ask anyone. 

If not physically hungry, then hungry to look and read about food. 

Funny thing about me, is I'm not that adventurous of a foodie. I like to read good reviews, get a good recommendation rather than go out and be a pioneer. I enjoy the act of discovery, but I don't like uncharted territory. I also enjoy being in the elite group of "those in the know" but I don't need to be the very first person to stake the claim.

Well here are a few places that capture my curiosity and appetite! I need to venture out of the kitchen (this Recession encourages me to eat at home more, you?) - and these spots just might get me there (though of all places, I really want to be in the Big Easy). 


and because my lovely boyfriend is in New Orleans for Jazzfest
Image of banoffee pie from Gourmet, taken by Romula Yanes