The Future looks a lot like a Commune

At least that's what SLoW and I have been dreaming of.

We had friends over the other evening and we conversed about families who build and live in close proximity to each other. Why do some cultures embrace the idea of familial community, while others can't wait to leave?

Although I was the lone child in our house, my parents both came from tight-knit families. And I have never lived far from my parents, but it could also be that as an only child, I had an uncharacteristically great friendship with my folks.

I made the parallel of countries with big food cultures, and maybe even a step further than that: big food cultures which center around a big family table for everyone to dine together, may be more likely to stick close by?

In any case, SLoW and I have been inspired about this idea of a commune, in which good friends and family live amongst each other in like-minded, environmentally-sound harmony. What would it look like? Who would be our neighbors? What would we grow? 

Not sure what talent I will contribute to the Utopia, just know our house will be the one with the big dining table.


Photo from Smitten Kitchen