Just Look Up

You know those weeks that take your breath away, but not really in a good way?

I feel like I've been experiencing a lot of those lately - struggling to keep up with work, life, home, etc. I know this is "normal" and a symptom of growing up, but really?

To counter my stolen breaths, I make a point of taking deep breaths, and getting some good old space. And as I reminded myself this weekend, some OUTER space too!

Uncharacteristically, I decided to steal a quiet minute outside. I tilted up my head and peering into the night sky, spied sparkling dots of light, some faint, some bright but staring back at me as if they were my own reflection.

It was heaven - literally! Stargazing is certainly one of life's inspiring gifts and simple pleasures. For a few moments I was able to sit in awe and imagine what was happening way over there. I found that I could breath easy and smile at the chaos life can be. After all, when you have such majestic beings overhead how can we not count ourselves lucky? At least for a moment.


photos from NASA