My Heart

My precious boy (even though he's in the double digits!).

He still is, and will always be, well as my side kick, little mirror, coffee date, taste tester, quick draw partner, carpool buddy and many, many other things. It's amazing how kids tell us truths about ourselves, just by being themselves. Expressions, mannerisms, interests, laughter - those things don't lie!
I look at these photos from a few years back and sit in disbelief of where the time went. Uncharacteristically, my dad once told me that all we have is now. It was a comment made once, when Nicky was still a wee-one. Years later, I understand what he was referring to and it makes me a little misty-eyed to feel the same sense of regret that my dad must have felt about me.

Of course, he was right. Now is all there is and that's a gift. A very precious one.