Friday follow up: SNO LA Celebrates Halloween

Today, before our much hyped happy hour, we had the SNO LA Halloween parade. (Obviously not everyone dressed up or the parade would have been much bigger! Next year.)

(L-R: Flo as Gallagher, Michael as Prince, Kristian as Lt. Dan, me as a Bunny, Casey as a Logger/Hunter).

Gallagher likes to smash things, even when we're trying to take a group photo.

See what I mean?

His tool of destruction + poor orange.

In typical SNO fashion, no parade is complete without jumping (to be clear, I was hopping as bunnies do).

And more jumping...even Lt. Dan got into it, Forrest would be so proud.

Perhaps what's funniest, is seeing costumed coworkers - at work. For instance:

Casey logging some illustration time.

Flo designing some smashing t-shirt graphics for OBEY.

Me, rubbing my foot for luck.

For the umpteenth time, Happy Halloween! XO.