Hair Nostalgia

I've written about memories of my dad's care in preparation for his work days. He parted his hair and combed it back. His tools were old school: a simple black comb and a pomade. "Back home" as he would refer to his native country, he talked about using Tancho Tique (surprisingly to me, it's made in Indonesia).

Maybe it's because of my dad, but Tancho is one of my favorite products (ever!). A pomade/wax product, it has a definitive scent. The label says Lavender, but it's not like any Lavender I've ever smelled. It's aromatic and has a slight balsam fragrance.

My favorite is the stick form (it comes in a jar as well). It is a lovely moss green stick of waxy pomade that I rub in my hands and through my hair to impart that lovely scent and slight weightiness to my otherwise flyaway, fine tresses!


I purchase Tancho at my local supply shop, but online it's available here and here