Is a Blog and a Website Superfluous? (for a wedding, that is)

It's no secret. I'm getting married. WE're getting married, next Spring.

I (we) was (were) keen on keeping all the fine details on a blog dedicated to the marital happenings, but apparently I (we) can create a website through a number of online resources, for FREE! And it's organized in a more familiar way, for those who may not frequent the blogosphere, if you know who I'm talking about.

But now begs the question: shall I (we) maintain a wedding blog AND a website?

If I (we) keep both portals, I (we) should define their individual purposes. Perhaps the blog should be about trials and tribulations and fantastic randomness. And the site should be the facade that everything's under control? Chaos = Blog. Order = Website.

Sounds like a good idea (at least for now)! I guess all that's left to do is to inform the WE of me. Thanks for letting me blog this through. XO

PS. Since we're on the topic of marriage, when I saw this post, I wish we had thought about having a magical and festive masquerade Halloween wedding! With beautifully carved pumpkins lit up on each table and lining the path to the ceremony, and everyone dressed up for both occasions. And we could have really planned something fun for the Red Velvet wedding cake! Just saying...

Image of cake topper from Ann Wood Handmade