Monday's Outfit Inspiration

I don't like crowds very much. And I had to endure a few over the weekend while running errands.

Because of my near-recluse behavior, I almost forgot that a perk of being in crowded spaces is the people watching. I happened to see a little girl whose outfit sparked the inspiration (read: copycat) in me.

When I got home, I immediately jumped online to search for the makings of a similar outfit. I have yet to find the perfect shoes to anchor the whole ensemble, but in the process I put together a different, yet lovely outfit that I can picture myself wearing on a crisp Fall morning braving yet another crowd: the line at Intelligentsia Silverlake as I wait for my morning coffee!


Clockwise from Top left:
Sada suede jacket from Hayden Harnett
Sylvia dress from Dolce Vita
Venice-of-the-North clog boots from Anthropologie
Chyrpe purse spray from Patyka
Slimshine Lipstick in Urgent! from MAC
Multi-chain necklace from Forever 21
French Nanny bag from Tano