Morning Coffee & Cake

There are some ladies who can subsist on a cup of coffee with milk in the mornings. Sadly, I am not one of them.

Just as I was about to make a sturdy effort to bypass breakfast pastries (seriously, I really can't fathom a cup of coffee without a proper accompaniment, be it a biscuit with jam, a scone or a full breakfast) - Intelligentsia switched their breakfast pastry offerings from a local favorite Delilah's to Cake Monkey!

I know Cake Monkey as makers of mini layer cakes, and reincarnations of favorite lunchbox snack cakes. I didn't even know they made breakfast pastries, but now that I do (savory Sage Bacon Cheddar scones, Maple Pecan scones, Banana Wheat Germ muffins, Chocolate Almond brioche) I may have to put off swearing off until after I've sampled a few more, of course all in the name of pairing with one of their daily Clover offerings. XO