She's eLEGtric!

Because of my early risings as of late, I decided on the main components of today's outfit last night (hurrah for efficiency).  The  simple, almost conservative, black frock and wooly grey cardigan (yawn). This morning's addition was an act of sheer last minuteness. 

I don't know what I was thinking, except that I didn't want my legs to be cold - so out came my bright fuschia fishnets and voila! The electrifying color makes me feel as if some of that electric-ness is warming my legs. Even with all those little holes, but I think we're analyzing a bit much! (more after the jump)

Truth be told, I was thinking of my handsome Mister W. when I pulled on these tights. He was fast asleep (lucky!) as I dressed, but I couldn't help but think this crazy legged lady of his would inspire a smile, or a chuckle. And of all things, that warms me the most. XO