SNO LA: Halloween Happy Hour

I know, it goes without saying: I love Halloween. Although I did not carve a pumpkin this year (it's early yet) - and Mr. W carved not one, but three (show off)!

However, in preparation for the day, we proposed to do a Studio staff cocktail hour this Friday, to usher in the Halloween spirit!

I'm no Martha Stewart, but I'm planning to make toasted polenta squares with roasted peppers and cheese, Devils on Horseback and an of-the-season cocktail (can't decide between Garnet Punch, the Paloma or a Peach Spritzer, all tinged with Rosemary) and our favorite sodas: Jarritos, of course. To round it out, I know Rae is planning on baking some delicious cupcakes!

Even if I'm the only one who dresses up (as has been the case the last few years), it will fun to celebrate with our so-good-it's-frightening team! XO