As much as I want to be

I've never been the girl to wear Birkenstocks and genuinely rock them. I don't know why.

Although I think they are adorable on some, when I put them on I feel as if I've dropped 10 points on the attractive scale. The ladies at our local hair shop wear them and, strangely, their Birks enhance, not detract, from their already cute outfits. There's almost an elvish quality to their look - is it the Birkenstocks? Or that they are so cute and petite to begin with?

As a result, I think I want to give it another try. Our dog literally ate 1/2 of the shoe pair that I normally wear to pilates class and for quick errands (for the record, that's 4th pair lovingly nibbled on, and counting).

We'll see how it goes. Maybe it's my time to shine, on a lovely comfy cork footbed. XO