Call me.

Seeing this set of antique calling cards (via Oh So Beautiful Paper), left me thinking.

Lots of things are digital these days, which has benefits of course (efficiency, less waste). But how do you leave a tangible impression? Once you've met someone, I mean really met someone. Something that leaves proof that a meeting (in reality) occurred.

The norm today, seems to be business cards, but no matter how vibrant an organization, what does that really say about the person? Calls to mind one of my favorite artists: Alexander Calder.

At parties, he created wire sculptures, on the spot, and gave them to people. A little odd. No signature or way to call him? Instead he gifted moments in time, via a tangible gift: the wire sculpture he created while sitting with that person. They may not have known how to get ahold of him, or even what his name was - but they had a symbol of the memory they shared with him. Which is pretty powerful, yet tender - if you really think about it. XO

Portrait of Calder by Andre Kertesz