Definitely a fan of: Heath Ceramics

I didn't post yesterday! I really missed it too. Normally I plan posts over the weekend, but I chose to be transformed instead. On to today's post.

Started in 1948, Edith Heath, one of my mid century artisan/design heroes, began turning out (pun intended) beautifully simple ceramics. Timeless, artful and earthy pieces, in wonderful colors (many, many colors) and simple shapes. Heath Ceramics was taken over in the last few years by a husband and wife team (how cool is that?), and most recently (or recently to me) they opened an outpost on Beverly Blvd (the original is in Sausalito, CA).

I think almost any breakfast would be substantial served in the above espresso set - one: from the nutrients in the coffee and petite pastry, two: from the visual stimulation of the vessel. XO