The Cooking Weekend Lives

I thought I swore off making big dinners after Thanksgiving, but with the weekend's grey skies and all of our holiday decorating I was really in the motivated to cook - somethings were simple, others were slow and somewhat adventurous.

Starting Friday night: grilled cheese with bacon sandwiches on sourdough and Broccoli cheddar soup, after dinner drinks for me and Mr. W: very old 2-buck chuck, rendered quite delicious by mulling with fruits and spices and alcohol reconstituted with Dewar's! Saturday: potato croquettes and chicken Andouille sausage, pulled pork adobo (the Filipino kind) - slow cooked for hours, with freshly steamed rice and braised brussels sprouts (I won't mention the too indulgent chocolate pie my mom brought over) - after dinner we treated ourselves to quiet lounging with the dogs in our rarely used living room. Sunday, I made a breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal with brown sugar, scalded milk and sauteed pears with bourbon vanilla and cinnamon, a bonus treat of sour cream pear coffee cake (too many pears in the house), a quick lunch of pressed pulled pork adobo sandwiches with provolone and grain mustard and finally, for dinner a roast chicken, asparagus with balsamic vinegar and garlic and potatoes.


I don't know why, but I find cooking extremely cathartic and re-energizing. That is, after I take a nap from all that meal making. I recall feeling incredibly tired while conversing with my mom over Saturday's dinner and can't remember much else after night caps with Mr. W. But all in all, a lovely weekend - it took til Tuesday to really sink in. XO