The Mitford Sisters

These beautiful photos reminded me of Thanksgiving two years ago. I borrowed a book from the library of the home at which some friends and I stayed. It was the biography of The Mitford Sisters. I was half way through the book when we had to leave and I had to go out and buy a copy when I was home.

It's the true life account of six daughters of a Duke in rural England and spans their lives growing up an idyllic farm life in the 20s to their adult lives in the midst of society, political turmoil, scandal and World War II. Today's celebrity scandals seem trivial by comparison. As an only child I could never understand the power of sibling connection, so it was even more amazing, for me, to learn how these women got entangled, persevered and inspired, at times notorious men, other times the hatred of their country, but were always able to reconnect with one another and make amends.

Photos from Nadinoo