"A Room With A View" Revisited

As a teenager, E.M. Forster's novels were the start of my love for British Literature.

So when I first read "A Room With A View" and then watched the Merchant Ivory film, it actually inspired the things I chose to do and seek out, at the time - such as practicing my penmanship, classical music, spending more time playing my piano and learning more about Victorian and Edwardian culture, even how I interacted with my friends. Oh my, how impressionable I was!

It was on television this past weekend so of course I had to stop and watch! I was delighted to find that I still had the same affinity for the movie, although, now I can view it as a moment in time, versus a map for how life plays itself out. Although the costumes and niceties really do make me wish I could at least visit be a visitor. XO