Shades of Cream

The weather's been glorious in Los Angeles during the day - sunny with a sometimes slight crisp breeze! This is not winter weather. Well, maybe for LA, but not what we think of when we think winter.

And all this bright, is making me want to dress light, but not summery. So cream is a nice middle point - it's light, but luxurious and warm at the same time. Here are some things that I'm loving in cream tones right now.

I love the simplicity of this bag from Heritage Leather Company. The yellow leather bottom offsets and enhances nicely, don't you think? It was available here, but recently a stylish client of SNO's was carrying a Klein Tools canvas bag and it was pretty chic as well.

Okay, this is more on the oyster side, but there's cream in the pattern. A silk dress by Hayden Harnett that can easily be winter-fied with opaque tights and the essential layering. And it's on sale now!

The holidays are not the same without cheese for me. I remember one Christmas, my dad and his brothers once stood around a large wheel of Old Amsterdam, which they eventually cut into triangles to take home. Even if they didn't see each other during the holidays, we'd still have the cheese at home, and cut thin slices to have with hot pan de sal. This cheese isn't Old Amsterdam, it's La Tur, and it's delicious and would be a lovely addition to a holiday cheese plate.

You all probably know about my obsession for gramophones, now there's a Phonofone for the iPod and it uses no power! Sound is amplified through engineered horn acoustics. How neat is that?

Although our dogs like to tear them apart (why?) I love the way sheepskin feels. I remember the first one I had was from family in New Zealand, it was massive and so plush (once you get over that sheepskin smell). Of course and oh joy! Ikea has them, which means I can replenish somewhat conveniently when my dogs have been naughty.

With weather likes ours, hot chocolate isn't necessarily at the top of our drink list and I know it isn't cream either, but the marshmallows can be - especially when flecked with little vanilla bean specks! Here's a recipe for homemade. Dee-lish!

A cute little set that needs to be seen, whilst lounging and sipping hot cocoa maybe on that sheepskin rug (sans dogs in this quiet moment), while listening to music on the Phonofone? But if you're a little modest like me you probably want a cover up, like the one below!

I love robes. In fact, I have a sweater that fits like a robe and everytime I wear it, I feel guilty for looking like I just rolled out of bed. This jersey robe is strictly for home, but the hood means you can venture outside for the paper or to let the dogs out. But it's jersey, so I may be bending that robe-outside rule again.

That's it for now! I'm looking forward to the weekend. Hope you have a lovely one too! XO