We Are Magic!

Last night, was a lot drier than the rest of the weekend. After a beautiful holiday brunch at Flo and Steph's in Echo Park, I ventured downtown for a fantastic dinner at Bottega Louie, with Carrie, Jeanette, Sarah and Jean.

There was something really magical for me at last night's dinner.

Maybe it was Bottega Louie, a much needed cosmopolitan dining gem in DTLA. Or it could have been the glistening-with-water streets viewable from our dinner table, which seemed to perfectly reflect the city lights. Or it might have been the delicious Stone Fence cocktails which warmed five ladies (who blog about what they love) and were meeting (most of them) for the first time. Or maybe it was the chocolate souffle with the dramatic pouring of creme anglaise (the second dish of the day to feature creme anglaise, but more on that later).

The source of the magic was, simply, the company. It is so inspiring and exhilarating to meet with women who are talented, multi-faceted and want to share their world with the world. Yes, the blogosphere and well, all media really, seem to be full of those perspectives, but to face and interact with, in real life, the genuine articles is a rarity these days. And something I truly appreciate.

Thank you for a lovely dinner ladies! I look forward to another soon. XO

P.S. more about Flo and Steph's perfect winter brunch later

Photo of Bottega Louie by Gnaw the Paw