I already love you, 2010!

Happy New Year! I was hoping to have access to blog while we were away in Missouri, but as fate would have it, no such luck. However, not having convenient access to the internet was pretty freeing as you can imagine. Cooking, board games, heart opening and warming conversations, movie nights with the family. I lost track of time, which was pretty wonderful in itself. And then I realized last night when we were at LAX, that I didn't think of any resolutions - I panicked a little.

You see, I think it's nice to have some ideas for change/accomplishment as a starting platform for the year. After some quick contemplation - here are mine, so far...
  • Focus on things I'm passionate about, and diversify.
  • Rethink/recreate my presentation.
  • Amp up my fitness/healthful eating habits (1. Of course I'd like to look amazing in my wedding dress, but 2. isn't always just nice to feel your best?).
  • Be more patient! Right now.
  • Read more (books).
  • Be excited everyday.
  • Live in the present, with some designs in mind for the next moment, tomorrow, beyond.
  • Overall: smile more, pout less.
What do you hope to accomplish this year? XO

Image by Abigail Wynne