Lovely Looks for a Rainy Evening

It may have been raining last night for the Golden Globes, but some of the red carpet looks were so dazzling, it made the weather less dreary (at least for me!).

January Jones - her umbrella is especially lovely. Some called her look school-marmy (what's wrong with that?) - but I thought it she looked put together with her headband and neckline.

Drew Barrymore - I loved the hue of her gown and that whimsical-beaded shoulder action.

Christina Hendricks - she exudes old school Hollywood glamour. Her dress I could do without, but she's always a favorite of mine to watch, period.

Cameron Diaz - classic red and black in a streamlined shape is so graphic.

I think some of the ladies worked those umbrellas to their advantage and the unintended accessory made for a much more interesting and romantic shots. I can't think of anything that doesn't feel more dramatic in the rain (a kiss, a car drive, a walk down the street for coffee, music even! Unless of course, it's a deluge, and then it's just no fun. XO