I've been working with Mr. W and Carrie on this site for some time now.

And we just launched the beta version yesterday! Our inaugural fundraising project will coincide with the 2010 LA Marathon on March 21.

Mr. W, Stephanie, Erin and Anna will be running as the Because I Can team, for PABLOVE.

Here's some info from our first email announcement:

Introducing Because I Can.

Soon you will be able to create your own fundraising page and start raising money for ANY cause of your choice, from school events to local organizations, sports teams to churches - anything! You name it and we can help you.

In order to demonstrate how the site will work, we've created a page for Team Because I Can as we prepare to run the
2010 LA Marathon.

Because I Can supports people like you who want to make a difference. I am so proud of this venture and can't wait to see all the wonderful ways you will raise money for the causes you are passionate about. Our goal is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. To be a friend. To make a difference. To save a life. Because I can. Because you can. Because WE can.

Please repost and donate if you can. Small efforts in large numbers can make a big impact too!