Currently Inspired by Outerspace

Or what I think fashion would be like there. I bought a Nike+ SportBand over the weekend, not because I run - but because it was cool looking and had some functionality (and the packaging was great - leave it to APPLE!). I joked that it made me look like I was under house arrest.

Mr. W thinks house arrest bracelets are bigger to which I replied: "They put me away because I'm a spy, so mine brace is much more stealth and high tech than the traditional ones." I may not be a tech genius, which explains why I can't yet change the time on my time-telling wristband, but I've since researching what other non-sport versions are available.

Like this gun metal version - very masculine robot looking.

Or this sort of disco on your wrist! I think this could be very fun and entertaining when in serious meetings.

This one is very sporty and mininimalist.

I love how solid but streamlined this watch by Nooka is.