The Green House of Echo Park

I see my mom all the time. We switched houses in Fall 2008. Even though it's been over a year, I still refer to the house she lives in as my house, and the house I live in as her house.

So confusing.

But my house looks much different now - it's still green, but more green in other ways. When I lived in Echo Park, my cacti would die all the time. She has a way with plant life (even high maintenance ones), which explains the jungle that now thrives on her deck.

Lucky loves to catch some rays in the garden!
(See even my mom's Christmas poinsettia's continue to bloom in March).

Pink alien-like cactus flowers.

Yellow alien-esque cactus flowers.

PS. I bought my mom some tulips from Gilly.

PS2. The tulips sans iPhone photo filter.

Yay! It's almost Spring. XO