I Almost Forgot!

Last week was my friend Troy's birthday (I didn't forget that).

I brought him lunch that day and as a bonus, I got to check out his new place of employment: Falcon Motorcycles. They are doing some pretty cool things in vintage bikes. And their space is an excellent example of living/working downtown. Being there made me want to walk around with safety goggles, with a drill and a torch firing at will, without any real purpose, it was so cool.

Oh and of course lunch from Nickel was delicious. Check out the blurry red velvet cake and Cheerwine that accompanied Troy's birthday lunch. (I promise to take better photos that don't require 3-D glasses to view!) XO

PS. Nickel has a Salt Peanut Cake (Peanut Butter and Potato Chips!). Must come back to try!