Morning Views

I have a new morning routine as of late, which usually consists of some sort of healthy fiber cereal, a cup+ of freshly brewed coffee (I'm the only one in the house who drinks it) and getting caught up on my blog feeds. It's such an inspiring way to start the day. I do miss the morning rush - but a start like this provides a framework for a nice, sunny day - even if it may be gloomy out. Which is not the case today!

Today is pretty glorious in Los Angeles. Here are some quick snapshots from this morning, of my favorite plants in the backyard.

BTW, this morning I compared my current life to summers I experienced as a kid. I'm finally relishing this time to explore, meet new people, meet old friends, walk around and reconnect with Mr. W and Nicky at dinner time. It's kind of rad. XO

PS- I love vintage LA images posted on ACL. It makes even current Angelenos want to live here, back then and today.