Rebellious Coral

I've been in love with coral lips since I first laid eyes on my mom's Revlon Moon Drops lipstick (can't recall the specific name) but it was a lovely orangey lipstick in a Kelly green tube.
Well, maybe not from the very first time I laid eyes on it. I will say, as a kid, I thought lips were supposed to pink or red, not orange. I never heard of a song or poem that called out "beautiful tangerine lips." And maybe it wasn't so much the oddity of orange that initially dissuaded me, as it was my mom.
After all, this is the same girl who swore off red because my mom LOVED the color and was always trying to get me to wear it. Too garish for my taste! Now it's definitely a "me" color. And the same girl who didn't want gold jewelry, despite my mom's abundant collection. I identified with silver because it was more subtle. Today, I prefer gold. Did I mention I didn't like salt either growing up? My mom seasoned generously. Now I practically wear a salt lick around my neck.

See? I make my own decisions! But eventually I do as mom says, or rather, suggests.

So coral lipstick it is. And I'll gladly wear it, despite my mom's "I TOLD YOU!"


Lipsticks: Lancome Chris and Tell, Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals collection, Lipstick Queen Coral Sinner

PS. currently my coral of choice is Bobbi Brown Cape Coral