Kiss With a Fist

If you live in LA, traffic is inevitable. Sometimes I live in suspended reality - when schools aren't in, or it's a holiday week (like the week leading up to Easter) - traffic is downright pleasant. I get to work early, I can even venture off to get my favorite up of coffee at Intelligentsia on the way.

But then - everything starts back up and about 30 minutes added to my morning drive.

If I've learned anything from the past few days, it's that being a courteous driver, or doing the right thing (like avoiding gridlock) only empowers other drivers to inch into the spot that should have been mine across the intersection! These are not the actions of courteous drivers - rather invitations to brawl (sorry, the memories of this morning's offenses are still fresh).

So today, my ode to opportunistic drivers (and the Traffic Gods) is this song. I still love the world, and I mean this last bit most sincerely: XO