Madhatter Party Guests

I'm so grateful for my beautiful friends who made yesterday such a beautiful day! I'm so glad that people turned out in hats (although I didn't wear mine very long) and hope they had a great time - I certainly did. Most of these photos were taken from my dear friend Stephanie Hutin, who didn't make any cameos on film it seems!

Fern, co-hostess and organizer of the party. I kept fawning over her dress.

Guests looking on as I open gifts.

The lone men of the party: my sweet boy Nicholas and one of my besties: Troy.

Sophia and Gigi certainly know how to make the most of the theme! (Gigi made her hat!)

More shots of the party at the table.

My happy mom (center).

My cousin Maria with my BIG day bouquet.

Check out Jeanette's Eugenia Kim for Target green-banded hat.

Tara was my stately parasol holder for a time.

That parasol is very becoming on April.

My childhood friend: Amy Ulrich Dichter.

One of our flower girls: Miss Vivienne Fairey, as Alice in Wonderland.