For our upcoming nuptials, I registered for a waffle maker. I've always been more of a pancake person, but a waffle maker completes a registry. It's one of those items that say: "I just got married."

To me, owning a waffle maker feels a bit decadent. Waffles aren't your everyday fare. The perceived time to set up dictates the frequency of occasion - which is probably why it gets relegated to weekends or, realistically, the back of the cupboard.

This morning I was listening to Good Food with Evan Kleiman where she interviewed Dan Shumski of the Waffleizer. After a perusal of his blog, which is really lovely, I can see myself breaking out the waffle maker for treats beyond breakfast - burgers, pretzels, waffle-fried chicken, s'mores? And of course, it makes an excellent alternative to a panini press.

What a fun culinary exploration! XO

Image of Waffled Chocolate Chip Cookies from Waffleizer