In the Family

Have I mentioned that my dad's mom came from a family of jewelers? It's true, Dorothea Posadas was my great grandmother, and from the stories my dad told me, she was a quite a presence, but more on that another time. As far as I know, my great grandmother was the in the jewelry business, but I'm sure it spans as far back to our ancestors in Spain.

I attribute my love of jewelry (all sorts) to Dorothea. While in New Orleans, I stopped into some antique shops and purchased a turquoise ring (December's semi-precious stone is turquoise) and another simpler gold ring, which is probably meant for a man, actually both seem to be meant for a man, but that adds to their charm.

When I wear them, I feel like I'm one of those people who scour antique and flea markets all the time. Or better: that I've had these rings in my family for at least a century - which given my ancestry, is quite possible. XO