Symbolic Charms

As a rule, I feel gifts need to be sentimental, and representative of the recipient.

Needless to say, shopping for bridesmaids gifts is not the easiest task in the world and boy have I been looking (and can't make up my mind).

Jewelry is definitely on the short list, and I happened upon Elizabeth Cole, whose line is based on antique jewelry and motifs, which range from the Zodiac to nature. Definitely statement pieces, even the dainty ones have some heft. I have to say, I wish I could afford all of her pieces! They'd definitely make a wardrobe of plain black dresses!

I love stars. Since I was a girl, I wanted to catch one and place it in a jar.

A Sagittarius charm (doubles as an "S" for my man, SLoW!).

Aries. I'm not averse to wearing a different astrological sign (is that bad ju-ju?), at least it's a fire sign, like mine!

Les etoiles!

These scary fish heads are balanced by the beautiful detail of their scales.

All pieces from Elizabeth Cole.