In Need of NEW

So now that I have all this time on my hands to obsess on other things, I'm looking at what I can do to refresh. At the top of the list is my hair. Of course, I was growing it for the wedding and it's probably the longest its ever been (see recent photo below) - like to my waist!

I love the length, so I'm thinking bangs. I know: how uninspired, blah. I really like to look of Nicole Richie's bangs and they're so versatile.

I do LOVE Michelle Williams, pixie cut, grown out pixie, longish bangs. She always looks amazing. Eventually I will go short. I'm not scared, I've been there before!

Strangely, I was really loving lavender hair for a bit too. Although I think clients wouldn't take me seriously (I know this because I used to wear gigantic wristwatches and they were so distracted in my meetings).

Well, bangs it is. I'm sure I'll be back again when I am ready for new NEW. XOXO