About Mid-Year Check In

My current vision board

Remember this POST from New Year's? Here's an honest status of how I'm doing.
  • Focus on things I'm passionate about, and diversify. Hmmm. I really do think I'm doing this. The last few years took me away from hands-on creative concepting, but they also opened my eyes to self-confidence and self-reliance. I'm still passionate about the same things (fashion, beauty, food, blogging) - but the things I'm choosing to focus on have a layer of that new sense-of-self-stuff.
  • Rethink/recreate my presentation. I've been dressing up for work, even though everyone else seems to be dressing down. I know that right now, I prefer a look with no bangs, my hair parted at the center - seems to match my penchant for minimalist/boho styles these days. I still have a ways to go on presenting what I think I look like on the inside. On a side note, I think my curriculum vitae suits me very well!
  • Amp up my fitness/healthful eating habits (1. Of course I'd like to look amazing in my wedding dress, but 2. isn't always just nice to feel your best?). OK. Truth be told, this has not been my best resolution after the wedding. I went from Pilates 3-4x a week, to none and with my commute, the most I can fit in these days are walks. This is definitely an area in need of focus.
  • Be more patient! Right now. You have no idea how much my patience has been tested. I get an A++ and the mysterious letter that comes before A, I've been practicing this very well!.
  • Read more (books). I have a book in progress. And another in queue. Not bad.
  • Be excited everyday. I'm excited for coffee everyday. It's a step. I also never tire of welcoming Mr. W home. It's the little things.
  • Live in the present, with some designs in mind for the next moment, tomorrow, beyond. CHECK!
  • Overall: smile more, pout less. Our wedding photographer remarked on my smile on our wedding day. I know that's so random, but that little memory reminds me to put my best face forward. Plus, I realized, no one likes a poopy pants.
Wow! I highly recommend checking in on your resolutions. I'm feeling very productive this year, so far! XOXO