Garden Update

Remember Mr. W's garden?

It's been awhile since I followed him back there, during daylight, to check on the progress, but I did just that this weekend. Oh my green goodness! Here are a few snapshots.

Watermelon vines reaching out to touch-

Tomato plants and sunlight -

Beautiful foliage (zucchini leaves look very tropical, don't you think?)-

More blossoms from the garden floor -

I should know this already, but I did not know zucchini grew that way our of the blossoms!

Mr. W's very proud of his Straight 8s, they'll be delicious in homemade sunimono salad -

A garden gnome busy keeping the green beans company -

It's amazing what he's done. He's been very diligent about checking on his garden everyday, watering, trimming, adjusting. So proud of him! Don't you think he needs to be a featured farmer at one of our favorite east side eateries: Forage? XO