Real Average F.C.

Real Average Football Club - logo designed by Casey Ryder

Just when you thought it was time to put away your Vuvuzela - a new team emerges to bring new meaning to the AYSO - in this case: All Your Sundays Over.

All joking aside, it really is exciting. Mr. W is playing soccer again, this time with a few folks from my old family at OBEY Giant and Studio Number One. That means I get to catch up with some of my favorite people! A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. XO

Observe the green and blue jerseys (official uniforms coming soon).

Bryan, semi-fresh from his stint at the World Cup.

Dan's outlook can be summed up by this statement:
Do you want to win by one goal or by two?

My Mr. W - very Tim Howard-esque?

More game action.

A former sweeper, Mr. W finds it difficult to use his hands, even as a goalie!

Real Average FC victorious! A shut out in their first game.
I'm still pressing my Vuvuzela app repeatedly.

ALL Photos by Weston Deboer