Summer's Bounty

So Mr. W just pulled the first harvest from this year's garden project: the biggest bowl of home grown green beans I've ever seen! Mmmm. We're really excited to eat them. I think I'll saute them quickly in some olive oil and sea salt with dinner tonight.

I can't wait for the zucchini though. The blossoms have been so pretty - I've been tempted to pick them. Instead, I've allowed them to grow into lovely squashlets. I really want try this recipe for Mr. W's favorite: Fried Zucchini - this version's beer-battered.

Last but not least, we have the most freakish lemons ever! Have you ever seen a lemon that looked like a banana or a slender witch's finger? Come to our house if you're curious. For some reason we have a whole tree of crazy lemons. Remarkably, they are very juicy and not too tart!

Our good friend Troy asked I've ever made a Chess Pie, he's a Southern boy after all. He's asked enough times for me to get the hint. With my current interest in pies and abundance of lemons, a Lemon Chess Pie is on my to-bake list, perhaps this weekend! This one looks particularly luscious (some look down right cake-y), not surprising, it's from his native Nashville. XO