The 2010 Emmys: Fashion!

I missed the Emmys last night. I was too busy watching True Blood and Mad Men. I can't even do laundry or hear what my husband is saying when these shows are on TV. It's not enough for me to DVR them (and even then it's only a precaution in the event I NEED to re-watch any choice or confusing bits).

I wish I saw last night's red carpet portion of the Emmys. It's my favorite part of any award ceremony and last night did not disappoint! A few of my favorites...

Of course I must include fellow newlywed Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen.

I like how January Jones goes the complete opposite route of her super coiffed and almost frigid character- it's a nice balance.

We all know how much I love Christina Hendricks. I thought she looked lovely in Zac Posen. Lavender is so beautiful with her coloring and vibrant red hair.

If you saw my wedding dress, you'd know I'm all about the shoulder action. I really like Kristen Wiig's graphic pattern too.

Keeping with the black and white theme, Lauren Graham's modern Yizal Azrouel gown was equally graphic and seems very flattering (not that the woman needs it!).

I just loved the color and simplicity of Julia Ormond's raspberry colored dress. Her loosely tousled hair completed a very sexy end of summer look.

More vibrant hues - this time on Jenna Fischer. Coral is one of my favorite colors of the season and I don't think I've seen enough of it represented on the red carpet.

And we end with another newlywed - this time the whole pair. They are so darling with their subtle matching colors (his bow tie, her dress by Dior). Very sweet.

So many more - but I'll leave it at this. XOXO

All photos from The Huffington Post