Back to School Stock Up

It's about that time! I love the anticipation of Fall. Fall is like my Spring - when the real growth and evolution happens.

I'm a fan of new school supplies (pencils! paper!) it's about the simpler things though I wouldn't mind accessorizing. A few things I'm currently coveting around the web:

Mike T. and the rest of the OBEY Clothing crew keep it functional with this backpack that doubles as a shoulder bag. Available at Blackbird.

iPhone 4, you will be mine very soon and when we're together, I'll need a case to keep you. I was waiting patiently for the white iPhone, but since that's not coming out anytime soon, I may have to make due with a white case - like the Incase collaboration below (via Acquire).

What Fall season would be complete without college football? Mr. W is partial to The Ohio State Buckeyes. So by marriage, I am too. A little note from Coach Woody Hayes via ACL.

Mmmm, and of course there are all the Fall foods (Oktoberfest!). I can't wait for a cool Autumn Sunday when I can try out this pancake recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

And last but not least, for those autumnal night caps I'll need to add a bottle of SNAP! from Art In The Age to my minibar. I was lucky enough to sample a little at Jean's house last night. I detected a hint of coconut in the liqueur, which I don't mind. Check Jean's post on SNAP! and its sibling: ROOT! here.