East of Elysian: A No-Joe Zone

It's true. And I think we need to remedy this situation stat!

When I take a detour through the east side to the 110 in DTLA, and don't have the time to backtrack to my much loved Silverlake spots, there is a nary an independent coffee shop in site unless I want to venture deep into downtown.

I don't.

Which means, I'm not getting coffee until I get to the west side (an hour away). I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but really?

I'm imagining coffee beans supplied from Jones Coffee in Pasadena, bagels from nearby Brooklyn Bagels and pastries from any number of local bakers. Add the requisite surly turned jovial barista (that is after you breakthrough the tough exterior) and we're in business!

For those admirable conscientious commuters on bike, it should cater to them too, and would provide a nice point of differentiation.

A bike rack out front, with a few sidewalk benches. Perhaps a counter that connects to the outside for quick ordering on the go!

One day. XO

Photos from the NY Times and Look Mum No Hands in London