That's what I accidentally typed in my browser instead of, oops!

I have been paring down for some time now. May be the economy, may be age (intentional gasp), may be an attempt at efficiency or a personal conundrum about consumerism (yes, I work in advertising AND I love it).

Let's be honest. I won't ever be that black pants everyday lady or these uniformed girls but there are days when I tire of the myriad patterns and color and "new" trends based on old things. Usually those days are weekends, which should require the least bit effort. Right?

Enough with my rant and on to why I'm really typing. Have you seen the legging jean from Gap? My always stylish friend Fern has some and I will copy her.

It's GAP so they are somewhat egalitarian. They have black, so maybe I will be the black pants, uniformed lady on weekends only! And while we're here, I'm a sucker for a man in a denim or chambray shirt. They have those too (here). Ahem, Mr. W! Oh - and they have the requisite timeless plaid shirts too, just in time for pre-fall. XO