Definitely a fan: Rolex Milgauss

When it comes to time pieces, I prefer vintage pieces - like pocket watches or tiny wrist watches with metal bracelets that my grandmother used to wear.

Rolex Milgauss (designed for men, but I would wear it) is a beautiful time piece. Not as flashy as one would think a Rolex would be.

The hash-marks are a simple graphic representation of numbers and the lightning bolt in the second hand is a wonderful detail. Somewhat recently, Rolex released a special edition with a green sapphire crystal - just a touch of green at the edge of the face.

I love this watch! I'd love to get this for my Mr. W (he reminds me that as a new husband he's entitled to a watch from his wife), but with my renewed sense of "smart" spending this one's for the vision board. For now. XOXO