New Acquisitions: Vintage Eyeglasses

It's been some time since I've proclaimed the need for new specs. Well finally, this Sunday I stopped in to one of my favorites: Old Focals (at their semi-new location on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock). I tried on aviators, 70s oversize, round, horn-rimmed, clear plastic, and so many more of their deadstock inventory.

I decided on these two (more classic, less quirky) to go with my more grown up ways.

A simple black pair and a more delicate brown pair with an interesting multi-point shape.

A close up of the black pair.

And the lady-like brown pair (Brown Haze is the color noted on the sticker).

I really loved the assortment of the eyeglass cases - leather, pleather and fabric.

Did I mention the girl crush that Mr. W and I formed on the shop girl? Seriously stunning! She is French no less AND plays guitar in a few bands (The Antarticans and OGOD and another which I can't remember). She had perfectly swooped cat-eye liner and a nice way of talking - though she says her French accent is fading. Very sweet. XOXO