Weekend Morning Walks

We've been trying to figure out ways to tire out the dogs so they are less of an audible nuisance for others.

Mr. W has been trying to walk them every night when he gets home from work. Weekend mornings, we go down one of the neighborhood stairs to Silverlake for an adventure, for the dogs, at the dog park and an adventure, for me, to LA Mill.

The stairs are really awesome adventures in and of themselves, like secret portals.

Going down is a piece of red velvet cake, but going back up? OMG (Oh My Glutes!) - these photos don't do the real ascension justice. My fellow east siders know what I'm talking about.

I usually let Mr. W and Melo go first (that way he doesn't see when Millie and I take a quick break).

And sometimes we take group breaks.

When we get home, the dogs are tuckered out - mission accomplished! Melo usually collapses on the living room rug before we take her leash off. She's just like her mama, says Mr. W. A-hem! XOXO