Clothed in CANVAS

Land's End Canvas. I hadn't heard about it until I saw an ad in the latest Lucky (btw, I must've really been living under a rock because I had know idea that Kim France and Andrea Linett left their posts! My world is changed). Well I don't know much about Land's End, in fact I sometimes get the confused with LL Bean, but a quick jaunt to the Canvas online shop and I'm excited about the prospects.

I've been looking for a classic sweatshirt with the little triangle detail under the collar. This one has chic short sleeves - nice for layering!

I've been a little obsessed with driving gloves for awhile now. These come in an espresso brown (and basic black) and are very reasonably priced.

For our upcoming holiday in Vermont, I'm in need of more sleek boots that work in snow (I'm a city girl, what do I know?).

Another potential piece for Vermont - a comfy hood and scarf in one.