Cozy Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone! Mr. W and I are off for a winter wonderland honeymoon (yes, we know it's a little delayed) but we're soooo looking forward to getting away from the hustle for some quiet time and a little of this...

But the real highlight of the holiday is that we're staying in a dreamy cabin which belongs to my mister's sister. Not only is she incredibly generous, she's a wonderful photographer. She shared some photos of the cabin and surrounding scenery to give us a sneak peek into the holiday ahead.

Doesn't it look cold?

Even colder! I think this is creek runs alongside the cabin.

I'm sure we'll try sitting outside at least once just to say we did.

Shiver me timbers! Look at those icicles - amazing!

More icicles. And look at that tree in the center, it almost looks like gold.

How sweet this bedroom is.

I see a hot chocolate in my future.

And the best part of all.

Thank you so much Pam - we're really looking forward to this holiday break! XOXO