Little Ways to Celebrate Repeal Day

December 5th is this Sunday! Why should you care? It's the day that Prohibition was repealed back in 1933. How timely that you now have an excuse to imbibe between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
You're welcome! If you'd like, you can take some time on the 5th to celebrate our right to have a nice drink (and not the stuff bootleggers tried to peddle).
I'm taking to my favorite cocktail blog Liqurious for new cocktails to try. Some clicks:
  • Not usually a fan of milk in my cocktails, but I'd try a sip of this Spiced White Russian with ginger infused vodka

  • Come and knock on my door with Three's Company, the Regal Beagle and The Harvey Wallbanger

  • The best part of waking up is a cocktail in my cup! Coffee + Cocktail

  • Lazy Boy - a cocktail to sip while sitting in the chair
Of course be safe and Slainte! XO